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Flower Parade in Chiang Mai

Twice a year, Chiang Mai in northern Thailand hosts an interesting local Flower Parade. It is more than worth to visit this event around the Moot. The Moot is the square water-canal around the old Chiang Mai city. It was built about 700 years ago and each leg measures a distance of 1 mile. The Moot and Flower Parade are easy reachable from Chiang Mai Riverside Condo in about 10 minutes.

Golf in Northern Thailand

With 10 + championship golf courses in a circle of 15km from the city and another 10 more courses a bit farther away, Chiang Mai in Thailand for sure can be called a real golfers paradise.

Golf Stay and Play in Thailand for singles, small and big groups or guided golf and other trips can be easily arranged by our experienced and nice staff. is where you have to be to enjoy all golf related vacations.

Chiang Mai Riverside Condo

Chiang Mai Riverside Condo is located on the banks of the Ping River just SE of the old city of Chiang Mai. It is a few minutes only to the old city.

Our location is next to the 4 star Holiday Inn Chiang Mai Hotel, formerly the Sheraton and The Westin. Both buildings were built at the same time and by the same contractors.

The well-known and Western style Rajavej Hospital is a few steps away only. You can see the 3 buildings together on the images.

Chiang Mai Riverside Condo has a very good location with everything nearby at a very short walking distance; local markets, shops like 7/11 and mini Tesco (open 24h) among many other shops and restaurants.

Very easy access to all major roads and locations. 4 big shopping malls are at 5 minutes driving, Big C (3 malls), Tesco Lotus (3 malls) and Makro (3 malls), among many other medium shopping outlets can provide you with anything you want at short distance.

Our condominium has 24h security, engineers and front desk staff. Key Card system and CCTV. Parking, restaurant, coffee-shop, laundry and pool, sauna and gym.

Chiang Mai and surroundings

Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand at about 6 hours driving distance from Bangkok. It is called the "Rose of the North" for many reasons but especial for the good climate. Year round temperatures between 15 and 35 Celsius. Not so hot and significantly less rain than Bangkok or more to the South.

Chiang Mai has been voted many times as one of the best cities in the world to live in or to travel to.

Buying a Chiang Mai Condo at Riverside is for sure a very good place for vacation but a good investment as well. Chiang Mai has so many different things to offer that is it really amazing.

Our staff,  at Chiang Mai Riverside Condo, will be glad to guide you around in the beginning. It is a wonderful experience around here.

Chiang Mai and the Temples

Among many other Thai interesting sites, the 800+ Chiang Mai Temples are the most fascinating.

For Buddhist people, the Doi Suthep Temple is the second most important in Thailand. It is 800m up on the Doi Suthep mountain overlooking the city.

The Religion and history is so vibrant here, you will feel it with every step.

At Chiang Mai Riverside Condo, most units have a spectacular view at the Doi Suthep Temple.

Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai

Loy Kratong is probably the most romantic celebration in the world and in Thailand, Chiang Mai hosts the major festivities.

It is held at the full moon early November and for Buddhists a way to get rid of the bad things happened in the recent past.

One wishes the bad things float away by putting a Kratong on the River.

The Kratong is made of banana leaves or the layers of the trunk of a banana tree or a spider lily plant. A Kratong contains food, nuts, flowers, joss sticks, candle and coins.

Putting the Kratong afloat is followed by a Lantern and has the same meaning;  let the bad things fly away, hope and wish for the good in the future.

Around this period, people at Chiang Mai Riverside Condo are blessed to witness many people setting the Kratong on the River and warming up the air in the Lanterns ready to fly in front of the building.

It is the number 1 celebration in Thailand.

Songkran in Chiang Mai

In contradiction to Loy Krathong, the Songran celebration is held at the April full moon. It is more of a wild event as it parties the arrival of the first rain after a 5 – 6 months dry period.

Chiang Mai is the top-destination to celebrate this amazing event. Wishes are coming to you by gently putting water on your front head or by spraying water to you from meters away. You will get wet for sure but in the warm weather it comes as  a refreshment.

It is also Thai New Year celebration and again; the air around Chiang Mai Riverside Condo is full with thousands of Lanterns and fireworks.

It is the number 2 celebration in Thailand.

Views from the Condos

Please enjoy some beautiful views from Chiang Mai Riverside Condo towards the river, the city and the mountains surrounding lovely Chiang Mai.

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