What is a Condo and the Types.

What is a Condo?

A Condominium is a unit in an upscaled apartment-complex.
On the contrary to a regular apartment, a condo offers you so much more.

Look at the icons. And we even have much more to offer.

    A condo-complex normally operates just like a hotel.
    It has most of the regular hotel facilities; lobby, reception-check in, security, swimming pool, restaurant or coffee shop, laundry, maid service, daily maintenance of the common areas among many other services.

    The answer to the short question "what a Condo is" ? is:......

    it has so much more advantages over other permanent or holiday residences".

    Condos, apartments come in 5 different sizes at Riverside Condo;

  • 46 sqm studio-condos (± 500 sqft)
  •    located on floors 3 - 19 th. Living room, bathroom, balcony.

  • 79 sqm apartment-condos (± 850 sqft)
  •    located on floors 3 - 19th. Living room, bathroom, 1 or 2 bedrooms, balcony.

  • 125 sqm apartment-condos (± 1350 sqft)
  •    located on floors 3 - 19th. West side (Ping River) only. Living room, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms. Large balcony.

  • 146 sqm apartment-condos (± 1650 sqft)
  •    located on floors 2 - 8th. West side (Ping River) only. Living room, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, storage room, 3 big balconies.

  • 92 sqm apartment-condos (± 1000 sqft)
  •    Some owners modified their properties, you may find as well this transformation of 2 studios into 1 apartment (92 sqm).

    Many units are of the highest luxurious standards.

    Lobby is at the ground floor as well as the laundry shop, the restaurant, the business center, the maintenance department and housekeeping.

    Our swimming pool and gym are at the second level.

    3 inside lifts and 1 outside glass lift. Total of 4 lifts.