Chiang Mai Information by Riverside Condo

Chiang Mai Information By Riverside Condo.

    The Chiang Mai Climate:

    is very nice; almost no rain and not so hot and humid as in other areas in Thailand.

    Overall, Thailand is blessed with good weather but Chiang Mai has its own "micro-climate".

    Between October and March is the perfect weather for western people. The best day and night temperatures with NO rain at all.


    Temperatures of 25 - 35 C at day time and 20 - 25 C at night with no rain during those 5/6 months

    Chiang Mai has been voted on many occasions for having the most and the best Thai food restaurants in Thailand.

    However, not only the thousands of Thai restaurants are “amazing“; there are plenty of French, Italian, Indian and other foreign restaurants around to give it a try.

    Chiang Mai was recently voted (again) as one of the best cities to travel to and to live in in the world.
    See the Results for Chiang Mai in 2010 ; voted 2nd in 2010.

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Worlds Best CitiesWorlds Best Cities

  • The first Chiang Mai appearance in World’s Best was in 2005 with a 5th place.
  • For Asia’s Best Cities, Chiang Mai was 2nd in 2006 and in 2007 and 5th in 2009.
  • Chiang Mai, the Lanna Kingdom has a 700+ year history and has been voted also well in the "Most Livable Asia City", organized by Asia Week - CNN;
  • Results: 20th in 1998 - 11th in 1999 - 13th in 2000 - 13th in 2002 - 9th in 2009.
  • Chiang Mai is a tourism friendly city and has a lot of nature, events and adventure to offer. Riverside Condo staff will guide you if you like.
  • Please look around at our many Chiang Mai Photo Albums. All celebrations, festivals are covered with many more nice subjects.